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Iona Project

The Iona Project is a unique opportunity for a micro-community of interns to live at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch for a year of prayerful service. Believing a life formed by disciplined prayer is perhaps the greatest evangelistic gift that one can bring to the residential childcare community, interns accepted into the program covenant to stay together and pray together for the duration of the program. While conducting a meaningful array of youth ministry activities, Iona Project interns regularly withdraw for fixed, protected times of prayer. Thus the program intentionally balances the rigors of ministry activity with disciplined solitude.

This book is a compilation of reflection papers written by the Iona Project interns from their time at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch in 2015 - 2016. This book can be used as a great read to encourage those already serving at the Ranch or as a promotional piece for those curious or interested in the Iona Project.

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